About the festival

The Bhakti Bloom Festival is a space that encourages us to open our hearts and elevate our consciousness. With this intention, we aim to maintain an atmosphere that is as pure (sattvik) as possible.

What is welcomed:
– your whole family (there is a kids space)
– Yoga mat, cushion, blanket, musical instruments
– your own crockery & cutlery (for the sake of the environment)

What is not welcomed:
– alcohol, tobacco, drugs (smoking is not allowed)
– any form of discriminatory attitude
– glitter dust, confetti & co (for the sake of the environment)
– pets

Would you like to help?


Bhakti is not only a feeling, but also expresses itself in action. If you would like to take on a task, please contact us. For example, we need help with setting up and dismantling, decorating, stalls, cooking and baking, etc.

To effectively match your skills thank you for answering the following questions

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