Festival of Kirtan & Spiritual Culture

What if it’s not easy, but simple? The art of loving and being loved. Opening our hearts, giving ourselves selflessly and receiving divine love in return. What if that’s all it’s about – over and over again?

Bhakti is the ancient Indian concept that describes the love that is received through giving. It transcends any specific religion or philosophy and is considered to be a fundamental aspect of attitude and action present in all religions. In the Vedic scriptures, it is described as the eternal nature of the soul.

The Bhakti Bloom Festival aims to bring together individuals from different spiritual traditions who, in their own terms and language, seek to cultivate ‘bhakti’ in their hearts. Bhakti Bloom also offers various ways to experience this love through singing, dancing, meditation, or selfless activities.

The chanting of mantras (Kirtan) will be the focal point of the festival. In addition, there will be a variety of workshops for personal growth, somatic experiences, and expanding knowledge. Furthermore, there will be vibrant market stalls, areas for socializing, and delicious culinary offerings to suit every palate.

Join us in celebrating a festival of diversity and powerful unity!

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